Segrishment - [Part 1] (2014/12/30)

by Absent

I woke up. I felt groggy. I got up and dipped the bucket into the stream, filling it.. Tommy didn’t wake, and I decided not to wake him. Soon, we’d be in the thick of it, and I think Tommy deserves to sleep a little more anyway. He’s a good kid.

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I don’t know (2014/11/04)

-- Anonymous

Everything important you need to know about life is in a Billy Joel song, or, if it’s not Billy Joel, it’s Jim Croce or Paul Simon (including his more depressive work in Simon & Garfunkel). Those are basically the only musical artists you even have to listen to if you need advice on anything any normal human would do. For drug dealing, though, I have no recommendations. I’m only an infrequent buyer and never a seller.

Today was a relatively normal day, all things considered, but last night was crazy. Sneaking into a cave, crawling under stone faces and getting muddy. It was a crazy adventure. My compatriots were thrilled to light up that pipe and partake of the herbal remedy that twists your mind and stokes your paranoia. Inside a cave, hearing the trickle of water, cannabis becomes a sacrament and not just a recreational drug.

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