I don’t know

-- Anonymous

Everything important you need to know about life is in a Billy Joel song, or, if it’s not Billy Joel, it’s Jim Croce or Paul Simon (including his more depressive work in Simon & Garfunkel). Those are basically the only musical artists you even have to listen to if you need advice on anything any normal human would do. For drug dealing, though, I have no recommendations. I’m only an infrequent buyer and never a seller.

Today was a relatively normal day, all things considered, but last night was crazy. Sneaking into a cave, crawling under stone faces and getting muddy. It was a crazy adventure. My compatriots were thrilled to light up that pipe and partake of the herbal remedy that twists your mind and stokes your paranoia. Inside a cave, hearing the trickle of water, cannabis becomes a sacrament and not just a recreational drug.

And we spoke, stoned thoughts from stoned mouths, about the nature of reality. What is being? What is human? Aren’t we all just chemical reactions? Is God not real or is he dead? No answers ever come, you know. I think and I think and it wears on my mind. I don’t know about them, but I can’t help but wonder about the nature of the universe, reality, and our place in it. What really is this?

And, of course, I come back to Billy Joel, a man lost in his river of dreams. Music is good when you’re high. He has the answers in a song, and it helps me keep the faith. I think and squeeze my brain for an answer to everything but it was there all along. It’s a song. Why do we love songs? I dont know.

I don’t know, but that’s a good question. I’ll have to go listen to Paul Simon, I don’t think Billy Joel has that answer.