Jesu - Ascension


Jesu’s Ascension is a fairly recent-ish album, released in 2011. The album continues the atmospheric, post-metal/post-rock/slow style of their previous albums, although this one seems to be somewhat more accessible (however, still not as accessible as Silver or Conqueror were) than previous releases such as 2004’s self-titled album and their E.P Heart Ache.

Emotionally, this band has had a huge influence on me. It turned me from a pessimistic without a reason fuckwit into an optimistic, philanthropic, social optimist who managed to obtain a social life and lose it again, but this time, rebuild it in a month rather than 2 years.

Perhaps one of the strongest points of the album is that it satisfies numerous emotions. Normally slow, sludgy music is reserved for times that are equally as slow and sludgy, like the kvlt winter, fail skewl results, someone going away etc. but this album has a song for each emotion, and sometimes numerous ones. It’s a surprisingly good album to listen to while reflecting on the beauty that is life and existence, rather than the steaming pile of shit that is also life and existence. It’s distinct from drunk teenage girls vomiting outside of nightclubs that other forms of music seem to focus on.

For positive moments, this album does have a few out of style songs that are still distinctively Jesu.

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