Hanatarash: The Creative Chaos Before Boredoms


Yamataka Eye is a musician that needs no introduction for those in the noise music scene. He’s the closest thing the Boredoms has to a frontman, the same goes for the now inactive Hanatarash. Hanatarash existed in the early 80’s and became defunct in the 90’s. Boredoms started off as another music project that ultimately succeeded Hanatarash, taking several elements from them in their early music. Many seem to ignore Hanatarash or consider it an old relic of what became the Boredoms, a mere stepping stone in their musical evolution. I wholeheartedly disagree, in fact, many Hanatarash works are incredible when it comes to raw power and creativity. Hanatarash (Technically Hanatarashi) roughly translates to ‘snot-nosed’ in English. Hanatarash was known for their dangerous live shows, such as one where Yamataka Eye strapped a saw to his back and seriously injured his leg and one where he fucked up a club with a bulldozer. Hanatarash was always about passion and had all the punk-like elements that the early Boredoms would adopt. Their music had a strident, incongruous and industrial feel. Many tracks were created using power tools as noisemakers and tape manipulation. This gave their music a crushed, creative sense of discord.

If you loved the early Boredoms, then I implore you to check out Hanatarash. Hanatarash may not be as ‘refined’, but it certainly has some of the most creative and chaotic tracks I’ve ever listened to. When compared to the current Boredoms and V∞redoms, Hanatarash sounds profoundly different. Yamataka Eye and the Boredoms may have moved onto more psychedelic music, but the old rage of Hanatarash is certainly something you do not want to ignore. Embrace it.