Waking Life, A Philosophical Curiosity.


I’ve seen this movie a few times, and it has had some impact. It’s fun to explore some of the ideas embedded in its plot. Some of it I think was pretty light and more of a curiosity or intended to spark some emotional connection and mix it with some purposeful philosophy more-so than delve too deep, because trying to flesh it out doesn’t lead to much. In more concrete terms, certain subplots are not fleshed out because they are not intended to be fully reasoned arguments, but fun sort of philosophical curiosities. Note by “light” and “fun” I don’t mean it in the way movies are generally deemed “light”. This can be a heavy movie if you get to thinking about it.

Some of it does dip below a a simple brush up against various concepts, but only dips, never submerges. It’s an interesting collection of sub-plot driven ideas in philosophy and thinking in general. It does go outside of philosophy at times to explore some of the implications of certain concepts, or to touch on some social curiosities, as well. The interesting thing about this movie is that it provides enough information to really sit and think on each sub-plot, but doesn’t go into what philosophers generally write about and conclude about these problems, much. It leaves a lot of room for independent thought on various topics. Some light conclusions are sometimes mentioned in the course of the characters discourse, but it doesn’t go into any sort of logical system of proving arguments.

Most of the movie is dialog with an interesting broken semi-animated visual rotoscoping that changes throughout to provide the video, signifying the dream like state the movie takes place in. Outside of the sub-plot discussions we have another plane, the first person plane of the main character which in and of itself poses other philosophical-esque questions.

In any case, I’d definitely recommend this film. It is at least a curiosity, and at most an experience that you can learn something from. The concepts in the film may take a bit of work to keep up with and explore, and it may warrant another watch or two, but overall I think it’s a very interesting experimental and somewhat insightful experience.


By: Geogaddi (Sun Nov 16 23:21:55 EST 2014)