The Weatherman – Who knows.

by Absent

“The Weatherman” is probably my favorite Nick Cage movie ever. Granted he’s a really prolific actor, and I normally steer clear because sometimes his movies are shit (See: Ghost Rider), but some of his movies are on point. Along with “Lord of War”, this one is in my uneducated opinion one of his best.

Bonus points for Iggy Pop’s “Passenger” in this trailer. What makes this movie stand apart for me is the fact that it seems real. He’s just this guy who landed an easy job, and coasts. There’s no great drama, just depression and the unknown. He’s just living in an absurd little world where he doesn’t seem to make any difference, he just “is”. And things keep breaking and falling apart. He keeps fucking up, for no reason. The whole thing just seems frustrated, pathetic, empty. But it reflects real life problems.

Worth a watch. (Also bow and arrows yh/yh)