An American Musical-Generational Journey: American Pop

I’ve been working on the history of American culture for some time now, promising an article that I still haven’t finished. I started it, though, don’t worry. But here, I’ll present to you an interesting part of the research that I came across that was perfect. This movie represents a portion of American culture not by detailing the history, as most of us know the timeline, but by creating quintessential characters per generation. It’s a re-telling through life.

This scene really messes with me, those of you who know me probably recognize why:

At any rate, it spans a pretty long time. 1890’s to around 1965 or so. It’s hard to pinpoint exact dates. Definitely worth the watch. A lot of critics shit on it, but personally I think this is extremely powerful stuff. Perhaps, had it come out today, it could have been more positively received. It’s rotoscoped, and that generally reduces the wide-spread appeal of movies. I’ll make another post about another rotoscoped movie that was rotoscoped intentionally to reduce the audience…