Cis-Developed Compiler Clang Racist and Homophobic

Freedom fighters from the cat-v front fell off and exposed the oppression coming from the part of the cisgender, Apple-loving “brogrammer shitlords” from “Hacker News”. In the words of one such cis scum,

We’ve actually seen Clang be the leader in some cases, offering improvements that have then been implemented in GCC sometime later (like better diagnostics, colored diagnostic messages…

Colored diagnostic messages? “wow, that’s incedibly racist”, asserted a social justice warrior from the People’s front of cat-v, “no mention of trans diagnostic messages, typical brogramming shitlord”.

Users are urged to stick to GCC since Apple has been overrun by oppressive cisgender white males as opposed to gay white males since August 27, 1999.

Next time, the DnE Blog shall shed insight into proper pronouns for programs.


By: wes (Mon Jul 28 21:08:25 EDT 2014)
I laugh so much. I laugh lol.

By: duane (Mon May 18 17:24:40 EDT 2015)
Still waiting on that "insight into proper pronouns for programs". I can't wait to be edge-educated!

By: Glenda (Sun Jul 26 01:30:20 PDT 2015)

By: Glenda (Sun Jul 26 01:44:57 PDT 2015)
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By: Glenda (Sun Jul 26 01:46:49 PDT 2015)

By: Glenda (Sun Jul 26 01:46:59 PDT 2015)

By: Glenda (Sun Jul 26 05:15:10 EDT 2015)
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