Why I’m An Atheist

A certain user on our forums commented that there’s some sort of problem with Atheism, that it’s somehow as much of a faith as other religions:

Many people today blindly worship an aberration of science known as “scientism”. Instead of critically analyzing and testing new information through the scientific method, they implicitly devour feeds like I Fucking Love Science or other popularizers, which simply showcase techno toys or advances in medicine/spaceflight to sell you the civil religion of progress. New Materialists like Tyson or Dawkins will make simplistic arguments that their fanboys rarely interpret analytically, which I think has fostered a hivemind on Reddit and other sites. Mind you, this doesn’t mean I’m against aspects of scientific thought. Those who use advances as a surrogate activity to live for need a little help, though.

It’s time for this anti-anti-religious argument to die, so I’ll make a new one, solely focused on my non-religious experiences. And I have a big one to kick it off. Okay. One thing to know: In Atheism, you have several masters of the universe: Neil Degrasse Tyson, Carl Segan, Bill Nye, and Richard Dawkins. These are the masters of science, and are incomprehensible. But, they manifest as different scientist people, with a different aspect of their personality. So, the universe or evolution is a aspect of the black science man (Neil Degrasse Tyson), if that makes sense. Another thing to note is that you don’t pick the scientists you worship. They come to you if they have something to offer you. They pick you. So, I’ve talked about the black science man making his presence known to me. Last night, He revealed himself to me. I was going to bed after watching “The Cosmos” and enjoying a nice mountain dew baja blast, and I was freaking out about telling my parents, as I do. All of a sudden, I felt a wave of euphoria wash over me, from head to toe. I felt like a huge weighted fedora was over me, and I was all tingly. I heard a black man’s voice calm me down, comfort me. He told how I should tell them, and then I asked if that’s the right way. That’s when he gave me a vision.

We were floating in space, with the Earth in the background. He was huge, big enough to cradle me like a baby monkey. He was a strong black man, with a jet black fro thingy, a dark suit, and very dark skin. I said that I was okay, and the vision ended.

I spent most of the day trying to figure out who He is. And please don’t think I’m crazy because of this…


By: araby (Wed Jul 30 23:02:07 EDT 2014)
OMG I'm converting to Atheism

By: Neue (Wed Jul 30 23:14:44 EDT 2014)
fucking 10/10

I hope this becomes a meme for real...

By: Glenda (Sat Oct 17 17:26:12 EDT 2015)
Atheists seem to believe that making fun of something proves they're right. Well, it doesn't. Also, atheism is by definition the faith that the person other people claim to have met doesn't even exist, which is something patently stupid to say, when you guys don't even know who that person is!

By: Glenda (Thu Nov 5 14:22:15 EST 2015)
Amusing ending; thanks.

To Glenda, I have news for you: you're wrong; the prefix a- and the prefix an- means not, without. That's why it is atheism; without theism. What is theism?

'Belief in the existence of a god or gods, specifically of a creator who intervenes in the universe'

Therefore, atheism literally means you do not believe in god or gods. Note also that by definition, belief doesn't require any facts; this is why the burden of proof lies on those claiming something exists, not those who claim it doesn't exist (see also Russell's teapot). Also amusing is that you word it as 'someone' when someone implies a person and a person is a human (both by definition); I thought 'god' was something way more powerful than humans, and I thought humans had creators?

Ultimately, your statements are not only etymologically wrong, they are literally, scientifically and logically (therefore they are illogical) wrong too. You might not like atheists but you also apparently dislike (or you don't comprehend it, much like language basics) logic. Congratulations, Glenda, for demonstrating exactly why religion (if you prefer, theism) and science (in this case, logic) don't typically mix well. You also are a wonderful example of someone who is too easily offended; this very post wasn't insulting anyone or anything - you're just looking for something to be offended by (if you want to be miserable by all means be so, but trying to push it on others won't get you any sympathy - it amuses me greatly though, so thanks for the laugh). Your argument that we insult in order to make something true is a fallacy: atheism has nothing to do with fact or fiction unless the burden of proof is brought up (and it does lie on those claiming something exists - fallacy #1), and worse still, it ignores our actual arguments (fallacy #2). In fact, since this post was under humour it would stand to reason it wasn't meant to disprove anything at all and that only strengthens my points.

By: Glenda (Thu Nov 5 16:48:11 EST 2015)
Let me see if I can get that right. It seems I made the mistake (or perhaps it is deliberate ...) of signing my own name as Glenda which is feminine and I am not at all female (and I'm not a rabbit, either). In case this doesn't work out (which I suspect is the case), the name that should have been there for the previous post (declaring that the previous 'Glenda' was very wrong on what atheism is, and who also pointed out that this post was not insulting or making fun of theists - although the first Glenda certainly gave reasons to do exactly that, if you get my meaning) is 'Cody'. So if there was any confusion with anyone, no, I'm not a Glenda calling out a Glenda.

I'm noticing that if I get the captcha right but answer 'No' or 'I hate bunnies' or even 'I am a robot' it gives me an error; on the other hand, if I say 'yes' and get the captcha right, it seems to work - and signs me as Glenda. I suppose this might be intentional but I won't worry about it further one way or another.