One Easy Secret Pick Up Artists Don’t Want You to Know!

by Wes

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Even the dumbest guy knows that, unless you’re an alpha, it’s hard to get laid. A few lucky, muscular assholes get all the pussy while the rest of us get laid irregularly or are still virgins well into our twenties. This is where the Pick Up Artist (PUA) industry has come in, to help wayward souls get some pootang. PUAs teach valuable tips and tricks to us NEETs and other betas get laid. It’s a big, multi-million dollar industry, and these PUAs are making loads of money selling ebooks and teaching classes.

But why does it take a PUA to teach millions of young NEETs how to find a woman that will fuck them? It’s gotta be easier than that. Not to mention, PUAs are notorious for being misogynistic con artists. But the good news is, we here at Dark n Edgy have cracked the secret that alpha males have been using for centuries to fuck hot bitches, and we’re giving it to you for free!

We spent months combing PUA websites, our local bars, and r/TheRedPill to find the behaviors and traits that get the most response from the ladies. It has nothing to do with being a confident and genuinely interesting person, or actually leaving your mom’s basement and asking girls out (what kind of moron would think that would work, anyway?). The results may, in fact, surprise you.

After multiple regression analyses of the data we collected, we found that that best way to get women to ride your dragon is to literally shit on them. Just walk up to them, pull down your trousers, and take a big, stinky dump on them. It works best in a public place and in their lap, after you’ve had a nice fibrous meal before hand. The size of the dump is directly correlated with how freaky she will be in bed.

The science behind this is simple. A woman will see that you have the ability to take a nice, large, healthy shit and will respect your forwardness in depositing it straight onto her person. Also, according to research at Johns Hopkin College Medical University, the smell of the feces will also arouse her olfactory organs and prime her pussy for being pounded long and hard.

We here at DnE hope you will use this information to your advantage. But hurry, the PUA industry won’t let us keep this information up for long! This one easy trick may bring down their entire business model.


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