DnE Productions Label Launch and Double Album Release (2016/01/19)

by intox

DnE Productions is a sub category of DnE MbN (Mutually Beneficial Network) for any art, music, writing, or related projects. It has existed for some time. In order to help content creators more, we have launched a small independent label. Essentially, we help artists with distribution and (to the extent we are able to) exposure. You can check out all ongoing DarknEdgy Productions projects here: https://mbn.darknedgy.net/DnE_Productions/

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2015 - DnE Year In Review. (2016/01/04)

by absent

On New Years 2014 into 2015, I wrote this post outlining our accomplishments of 2014 and laying out some preliminary plans for 2015. Well, here we are in 2016. This year was somewhat strange. We paradoxically experienced quite a bit of growth while simultaneously neglecting a good deal of our original goals we outlined. No doubt some significant portion of this can be attributed to the several articles V.R. has written and allowed us to publish.

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Steal This Wiki - Month One (2015/01/31)

by God

“If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” –Jesus, probably

One month ago today, we announced the revival of Steal This Wiki, the Yippie icon of rebellion and counterculture for the computer age. We’ve been working diligently to steal the old articles from a static archive, and between school, jobs, other projects, and the general stresses that accompany daily life in Amerika, we’re pleased to report that all the old articles that we managed to get a hold of have been moved over to the new Steal This Wiki. Now that the articles are up, we’ll be focusing our efforts on updating, cataloging, and vastly improving their contents. We continue to welcome contributors who wish to help edit, and spread the word. Any help - providing copies of missing articles, editing existing articles, creating new content, or otherwise assisting with Steal This wiki - is greatly appreciated.

Announcement: Revival of Steal This Wiki (2014/12/31)

by Wes

I rebel therefore we exist.
--Albert Camus

Rebellion and counterculture for the computer age, that’s what the website Steal This Wiki once represented. For those not familiar, it was based on yippie icon Abbie Hoffman’s Steal This Book, published in 1971, which detailed ways to fight authority in all its forms. The book, while a 60s classic, was outdated by the dawn of the new millennium. Steal This Wiki was created in its spirit to carry the torch of passing on knowledge of counter-cultural rebellion to the Internet generation. While not always well written, it was mostly a wealth of interesting information on challenging and circumventing authority in the modern age.

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2014 - DnE Year In Review. (2014/12/31)

by Absent

So, we have to put out a couple of more posts to meet our self-set post quota, and what better post on new years eve than a 2014 year-in-review post? The scope of this is basically to check out what this year brought to the site, like, what did we do? I’ll also touch on what we’re planning on doing. What do we have in the works? What’s on the agenda?

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