Announcement: Revival of Steal This Wiki

by Wes

I rebel therefore we exist.
--Albert Camus

Rebellion and counterculture for the computer age, that’s what the website Steal This Wiki once represented. For those not familiar, it was based on yippie icon Abbie Hoffman’s Steal This Book, published in 1971, which detailed ways to fight authority in all its forms. The book, while a 60s classic, was outdated by the dawn of the new millennium. Steal This Wiki was created in its spirit to carry the torch of passing on knowledge of counter-cultural rebellion to the Internet generation. While not always well written, it was mostly a wealth of interesting information on challenging and circumventing authority in the modern age. However, while existing for a few years, the website was eventually closed down by its owner during the SOPA protests a few years back. Despite being mirrored online, the wiki itself was newer revived and kept up to date. This is what we here at Dark n Edgy wish to rectify. We are reviving Steal This Wiki as a part of our Mutually Beneficial Network in effort to keep an updated source of useful information for rebellious spirits of all sorts everywhere. As DnE has long been home to anti-authoritarian sentiment, we feel this is a good fit for the site.

As for our goals for Steal This Wiki, we wish to first and foremost update the information in the wiki and provide better, newer information on internet privacy and cryptocurrency. It is also our goal to enforce an acceptable standard of quality and update the old material to that standard.

The new Steal This Wiki, like the old, will not be partisan, merely anti-authoritarian. We welcome libertarians, anarchists, and radicals from both the left and the right to contribute to the revived wiki. We wish to avoid alienating either side (although encouraging interesting debates and discussions would be a fruitful by-product of bringing people of different stripes together). We’re hoping the wiki will be a repository of information for the rebellious spirit, not a political tract encouraging any specific ideology.

It is with this in mind we announce the opening of the new Steal This Wiki, which we have ourselves stolen! We hope it will grow and continue to be of use to people well into the future, and we hope anyone with helpful information to contribute will do so. We also welcome any contributors to the old Steal This Wiki to contribute to the new one, and help us avoid any mistakes made on the previous wiki.