Steal This Wiki - Month One

by God

“If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” –Jesus, probably

One month ago today, we announced the revival of Steal This Wiki, the Yippie icon of rebellion and counterculture for the computer age. We’ve been working diligently to steal the old articles from a static archive, and between school, jobs, other projects, and the general stresses that accompany daily life in Amerika, we’re pleased to report that all the old articles that we managed to get a hold of have been moved over to the new Steal This Wiki. Now that the articles are up, we’ll be focusing our efforts on updating, cataloging, and vastly improving their contents. We continue to welcome contributors who wish to help edit, and spread the word. Any help - providing copies of missing articles, editing existing articles, creating new content, or otherwise assisting with Steal This wiki - is greatly appreciated.