DnE Productions Label Launch and Double Album Release

by intox

DnE Productions is a sub category of DnE MbN (Mutually Beneficial Network) for any art, music, writing, or related projects. It has existed for some time. In order to help content creators more, we have launched a small independent label. Essentially, we help artists with distribution and (to the extent we are able to) exposure. You can check out all ongoing DarknEdgy Productions projects here: https://mbn.darknedgy.net/DnE_Productions/

That said, we have recently released two albums under our label (non contractually). 未来Sandpolis by Degenerado and Orbital Existence by Intoxicholic.

Both albums are available for free via Bandcamp and Soundcloud, although we would appreciate it if anyone purchased them. They are also available through most stores including iTunes, Amazon, Google play, Tidal, and many more.

Look forward to new and better releases from DnE Productions in the future.