Our Era of Change. – Prelude.

by Absent

I’m writing a series about changes I’m seeing in attitudes, in outlooks. We’re seeing a new era of post-subcultural extremes that invokes an increase in what I believe, in some parts of the population at least, represents a new dawn of critical thought, of love and societal connection, of living in the moment, of cultural advancement, and much more. I don’t want to make it seem like I’m writing about a generational change, although that does come into play, this is cross-generational. It’s not just a generation x, y, or z shift, it’s a societal change, or, at the very least, I hope it is.

This is not intended as a thorough academic series. I am not attempting to be impartial here. In history, we are able to look back over an era and find trends in events to title. Here, I am in the midst of it, so all I can really do is look at my surroundings and guess. Perhaps it’s not a change in era, perhaps it’s not that big. It could be that what I’m witnessing is just a couple of people making an impact, and then it’ll be over. It could be that this is much smaller, or much bigger than how I portray it here. For all I know, it could be non existent. All the same, I feel that it is important for me to write of what I’m seeing, not to simply document it, but to actively propagate it and spread some of these ideas, for they are important.

It is, now, a time uniquely unlike any in history. It’s no secret that technology and scientific advancement is changing everything. With this we are seeing a cultural change. The scope of these essays will not target the culture as a whole, or even the total effects of technological changes in society. Here, I will focus solely on what I believe to be a unified shift in attitudes that is perceptible in the youth, in the music, in the various scenes, and at times in other groups, that mirrors movements of the past in meaning and spirit. What we’re seeing is a conglomeration of the brilliant positive cultural movements of the past together with new changes rolled together to form a new way of looking at the world.

This rolled together conglomerated movement is positive not because it shies away from the negative, but because it looks at the negative, it accepts that it is there, and it works around it, and in some cases, through it. We are beginning to hone the ability to look at the negative, and remain undaunted. What we see is “positivity” in the face of systemic old and set-in-stone problems. We see that there are problems, there’s no quick fix, and that we can still live life and work towards a change while being free and enjoying ourselves despite the world and what it’s doing. Given this, I think with enough of us, the world will become us.

There’s a refreshing openness brought about by both technology and this new era attitude. We’re seeing people willing, and to a greater extent, able, to help everyone, not just those of their own creed, their own color, their own beliefs, or their own class. With this new openness accompanies a new kind of self-entertainment. We’re seeing people abandon the “cool” and embrace doing whatever, being genuine, unsubscribed from any particular marketing style or life, and just doing what we want. It’s a new cultural enlightenment, where we’re beginning to ignore the churches and states of culture, forging our own culture of being.

From Jazz to Hip Hop, the Beats to the Hippies, Bohemianism to Small Business, and so on and so forth, we have influences. We have concepts. We have meaning. In this string of essays I’m gonna throw up and out onto my screen, and hopefully then yours, what some folks I know and love embody. A new way of looking at things, influenced by art and the vibe of the times, by previous and current movements and the confidence of someone on a mission. There’s something new on the horizon, and I intend to create a boat to ride that wave, and you ought to get on board too, because the only way to keep this thing moving is to get behind it and push it along.