Setting up werc on Plebeian

To install werc on the Plebeian GNU/Stallman Universal Operating System: (or any Linux/MODERN UNIX thing, pretty much)

  1. Get werc

    hg clone
  2. Install cat-v’s fork of 9base to /usr/local/plan9

  3. Replace the awk urlencode/urldecode with the 9front one from 9base (in /usr/local/plan9/bin/urlencode). This is not included in the 9base in Debian or the suckless one; you need the fork. This is both to make posting with blagh and dirdir faster (not terribly slow) and to keep blagh and dirdir from truncating longer posts, which was an issue with this blog.

  4. Optionally, replace the perl script with Discount, which supports curly quotes and other fancy stuff, is written on C, and will apparently compile on Plan 9.

  5. ????

  6. profit

This blog would probably run on 9front or 9atom or something if money was no object.

This extremely comprehensive guide may or may not be expanded upon even further at some point in the future.


By: Marneus68 (Wed Apr 22 11:28:08 EDT 2015)
Hey, this blog post helped me set up my instance of werc on my server, everything is running smoothly except for the comment system/login system. Any change to get some more specific instructions regarding the configuration needed to get Blagh up and running properly with the system users.

Best regards;