dwm, Java Applications, and NetBeans – The White Screen.

by intox

When using dwm, or a lot of tiling windows managers really, you’re using a non-re-parenting window manager. Basically, some java applications are not going to display correctly because re-parenting window systems seems to be assumed on java’s part. To fix this on dwm, install wmname from here:


Next, run:

 wmname LG3D

I’d also advise running that at startup, e.g put it in xinitrc or using systemctl if you’re running systemd. This should fix the issue by changing the window manager name to basically fix the assumption.


By: Glenda (Thu Jun 28 13:47:05 EDT 2018)
Thank you! I was looking for this for ages.

One thing: the tool has moved to https://tools.suckless.org/x/wmname