irc7 for idiots: Installing and using irc7 on plan9

Documentation on plan9 is far from idiot-friendly. Often, it takes a little bit of trial and error to sort things out.

#installing irc7
9fs sources
cp /n/sources/contrib/andrey/irc7.tgz $home/builds/
cd $home/builds/
tar xzf irc7.tgz
cd irc7
mk install clean
#using irc7
ircsrv God

#open a channel so you don't have to keep using /m #darknedgy
irc -t '#darknedgy'

You can open it up under acme to view multiple channels.

#from inside acme
win -e #middleclick me!
irc -t '#darknedgy'
win -e #middleclick me!
irc -t '#uselessd'

Enjoy glorious plan9 without having to sacrifice irc time!


By: Glenda (Sun Oct 25 23:38:53 EDT 2020)
I found this site because I thought I had set up irc7 the wrong way, It turns out I have not, however I can't seem to send or read messages.

I join a channel and can see people connecting, disconnecting and even changing nicks.

I can enter a message, but people cannot see it