9front - Building 64-bit userland & Kernel

Basically just https://code.google.com/p/plan9front/wiki/fqa5

/sys/lib/rootstub fixes all the fucked directories.

cd /
rc sys/lib/rootstub
cd /sys/src
mk nuke
mk libs                     #(makes and installs this arch's libs)
objtype=amd64 mk all
objtype=amd64 mk install
cd 9/pc64
mk install
9fs 9fat
cp /amd64/9pc64 /n/9fat

Edit /n/9fat/plan9.ini so the kernel is 9pc64

fshalt -r

Best fqa is https://code.google.com/p/plan9front/wiki/fqa7

Some day, perhaps there will be a guide on how to build an arm userland, and make the raspberry pi boot from the network of a file server. With horrible DHCP everywhere.